Bike Hire

Want to ride the West Coast Wilderness Trail? Call or flick us an email with your requirements and we’ll put together a personalised Bike and Shuttle package for you.


Single Day: @ $55/day

Multi Days:  @ $50/day


Single/Multi day: @ $110/day


Gel Seat Cover: @ $5/day

Handle Bar Bag:  @ $5/day

Panniers:  @ $15/day

Contact us to enquire about Bike hire & Shuttling or download this form, fill it out and send it back to us to get your adventure rolling!

Phone: 03 755 8662


Terms & Conditions

  • I, The Hirer understand the bike hire will commence and end at the dates and times shown on this agreement.
  • I shall pay the sum specified for the hire prior to the commencement of the hire.
  • I accept that the bike/s are hired at my own risk. I understand I am responsible for ALL repair or replacement costs relating to ANY damages or loss to the bicycles and accessories from and not limited to negligence, fire, theft or attempted theft. Credit Card will be debited in the event of the above cost.
  • I, The Hirer will not hold Hokitika Cycles & Sportsworld, or any of their employees responsible or make any claim against them (including claim’s arising from negligence) or any direct or indirect injury or damage to the client or its property.
  • I, accept all responsibility and liability for ensuring mine and the other riders under this agreements safety and will abide the New Zealand laws including not cycling while under the influence of Alcohol and not using a mobile phone while cycling.
  • I understand the Hokitika Cycles & Sportsworld requires myself and members of my group to wear a helmet at all times while cycling and that the bicycles are provided without safety devises such as lights and so can only be ridden from sunrise to sunset.
  • This Hire agreement is governed in all respects by the Laws of New Zealand. Visitors to New Zealand must have full insurance due to limited ACC cover.

Hokitika Cycles & Sportsworld